In general, you are very welcome anytime (not only during listed events) to join for meditation, retreat or meditation holiday, but please tell me before, to be sure, that i am here too. Here are the events for the year 2014 listed:

the next events

Meditation holiday/Retreat is possible anytime


Chrismas-New Year Meditation holiday:

between 25. Dezember 2015 and 10. January 2016 - you can choose your arrival and departure time


Let's meditate together

I sometimes join an open meditation event, at which you can participate from home. There is a fixed, global time, at which people meet in meditation. To meditate in a group is special, so it is the energy what is building up. It is easy to integrate it in your everyday life, and it is easier to take your time for yourself and meditation, if you know you have an appointment, and you are not alone. Time is very precious, and I like the idea of that, meeting and acting together.


So, I invite you to the open meditation event, at which you can join from home if you like. Every Thursday from 9:00 pm to 9:50 pm (Austrian time) we create a space of meditation and celebration, a time and space for yourself. Thursday, the 19th January we will start. If this time is not choosen good for international meeting, then we can make a second time - suggest me a good time for you.



(my suggestion - you are very welcome to change the meditation to your liking, you can make a silent meditation out of it, etc., you should enjoy that meditation you choose)

15 minutes: dance freely/allow your body to move (for grounding and strengthen your body awareness)

10 minutes: sit silently (be still and watch)

15 minutes: sit and listen to music (choose a music which let a feeling of joy and love arise in you)

10 minutes: sit silently with the feeling of joy and love (together we send love in the world)


Choose a music, what you like. Remember, you should enjoy that meditation. If you have questions, or you want to share with me anything, you are very welcome to write me. If that is not the case, I am looking forward to meet you thursday in that space of meditation, what we create.