About OMOG

Greith, Neumarkt in Steiermark
Greith, Neumarkt in Steiermark

As I described above, the OMOG's origin derives from my vision. The location of OMOG is our organic farm "Moar in Greith" with its apartments. A big garden, several leisure facilities, and the newly arranged mediation room (~ 45 sq.m.) are ready, waiting for you. Our farm, located 1100 metres above sea level, surrounded by nature and still in the civilisation, offers the setting of an oasis: a place to relax and recharge your batteries. For the OMOG, the apartments are used as rooms, in which we can host up to 10 people. On the farm, we grow a lot of vegetables and grains, like spelt, potatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, cabbage, beetroot, tomatoes and the common products grown in a garden. Furthermore, there are a lot of herbs and fruits, of which we produce tea, jam and juice. Therefore, the food contains a lot of home-grown ingredients. The quality of the food is very important to us.


You can find more detailed information about our farm, the surroundings and pictures, on our farm's homepage:



The OMOG is not a hotel, it is a home. Our home, and at least for the time you are staying here, it is yours as well :-).


Vision for the future: small commune. If you want to join or participate to it in any way, let me know.


An article about OMOG in OSHO News: