I want to introduce myself:

Name: Stefi Preiß

Sannyasname: Ma Dhyan Mudita

Born in 1982


I grew up here in Greith, and I never thought that I will land here again. After I finished my studies of Solarphysics in Graz in January 2009, I went for a round-the-world trip. It was the time to leave home, because even though I had everything here, a 'perfect' life (lovely family and friends, enough money to survive, the freedom to do whatever I wanted in terms of job-issues, ...) I found out, that inside I felt totally empty. I looked into the subject concerning the questions of life (meaning of life, God, ...) for a long time and in my mind I arranged a view of the world, in which everything had its place and meaning. But not even the knowledge of a 'perfect' world could fill my inner emptiness. So I stopped feeding my mind with intellectual matters.


After some months of travelling, visiting very nice places, and finding lovely friends, I realized once again, that whatever I did did not make a difference, the feeling of inner emptiness did not decease. So I decided to go to India, to bring more spirituality into my life. In India, I felt like carried from angels, from one place to another, and all the people I met were really good teachers for me. Meditation, yoga and these encounters gave me the feeling that this inner emptiness was slowly beginning to dissolve. I became infected with the 'I want to be enlightened'-virus, so I looked into this subject intensively, visited ashrams, and meditation and mindfulness became part of my everyday life.


It was in Nepal, when I went to an OSHO meditation resort for the first time. At my second stay there, after fighting with my mind, I took Sannyas. Instead of continuing my travel to China, what I had planned, I decided to go back to India. I felt, that I had not finished with this country. After 3 more months of travelling in India, in which I spent much time meditating in OSHO centres, I felt it is time for me to return home. My mind was very clear, and I knew why my life is how it is, and my family, surroundings and circumstances are how they are. And I had a vision to build an ashram here at my home place. We have an organic farm with apartments - the place is perfect for that. It took some time, until I was able to follow my heart and pursue that project. But now everything is ready.


In the 13 months of travelling through India and Nepal, I got to know many different meditation techniques and practiced them. Further, I have working experience in the touristic branch. Recently, I  completed a meditation teacher training (teacher: Eckhard Wunderle, Institut für spirituelle Psychologie) and a smiling yoga leader training (teacher: Ines Salfer, http://www.lachyogasalzburg.at/) . Furthermore, I am looking into the subjects SkalarPrana healing, Matrix energetics and Reiki and I make a spiritual training for being a spiritual guide what is conducted by the enlightened master Christian Meyer (http://zentrum.zeitundraum.org/).


Meditation is the greatest gift, I received, and that gift, I want to share with you. Because if you are happy inside (with yourself), you are happy with the outside world too, whatever may happen, it does not make any difference. Some days of intensive meditation can make you understand, what I am talking about - on an experiental level, not an intellectual one!

Why meditating?

If you meditate regularly, you will be more and more aware, who you really are, and who you are not. Through this understanding anxiety, stress, doubt, problems, negative thoughts ... will decrease and disappear on its own, and inner peace, gratitude, love, joy and faith will arise. Meditation activates the self healing process of the body, it accelerates the healing process.