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MeditationOasis Greith


Stefi Preiß

Greith 29

8820 Neumarkt


Tel.: +43 3584 2190 (after 6 pm)


Opening hours: daily


Interested in a meditation vacation?


The OSHO MeditationOasis Greith (OMOG), inspired from Indian ashrams, is a retreat centre, where you can dedicate yourself to meditation and study about yourself, and this in an easy, playful way. Osho (an enlightened master from India) often points out, that life is pure joy and a celebration, which takes place in the perpetual presence. But how often are we aware of this presence? And how often do we miss a single (=unique) moment, because our mind is wandering in the past or far ahead in the future? Meditation and mindfulness are the key to achieve this presence.


In the OMOG, there is a daily schedule with the goal to approach yourself and nature by practising meditation and acting mindfully during the day. The surroundings, the community and my experience in meditation, can support you in that. It is important to me, to give you the required practise and knowledge that you need to take meditation home in your everyday life.



"Where mind ends, meditation begins"


"Meditation is your intrinsic nature - it is you"


I invite you to find out, what meditation means for you!




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